The product aims to enrich the lives of parents and children, combining the desires and needs of them both in creative and multi-functional furniture set. LUNI is a sustainable product that can stay in the child’s room straight up to his maturity, serving him in different age stages.

LUNI consists of modular cushions and a metal frame that can be used as a table, by turning it upside down. Abstract cushion shapes encourage children to be more playful and creative.

The set contains additional stickers made of eco-leather: eyes and figures, that can be easily attached to the cushions, allowing the child to use his imagination, add a character and emotions to the modular elements.

luni prototype

foam, cotton fiber, cotton fabric,
resistant upholstery fabric, zippers

bent steel tube profiles D=21,3 mm,
12mm plywood, screws, water-based paint,
powder paint coating

Design awards:

1st place – High School competition: Product Design: Latvian Annual Design Award
Best Student of Design 2019 – High School competition: Latvian Annual Design Award

Nominated for Kids Design Award 2019 in Cologne, Germany (top 10 designs)

*Design patent registered

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