Epixhorse is a biotech company based in Valencia, Spain. It is the first company to offer to Equine World a solution to optimize the Wellbeing & Performance of any kind of horses according to their Epigenetic features with a specific plan of nutrition for 90 days.

Equine Epigenetic Mapping allows Epixhorse to evaluate over 800 different performance indicators in horses. By assessing the indicators, this advanced scanning technology determines whether levels are normal, too high or too low. A highly detailed report is generated for every horse, along with a one page summary. The summary will determine which items need to be removed from the horse’s diet and which feeds and supplements should be added and the level of urgency that the recommended changes should be made.

Once you have ordered the Epigenetic Test for your Horse, EpixHorse deliver to you all the necessary items for sample extraction. Once you have the sample you only have to ask the pick up of the Epigenetic Test of your Horse.

Box design parts

Epixhorse report

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